Saturday, March 10, 2007

Weird Wolf's!

Something I did for a recent pitch. A big thanks to Frederator for the plug a couple weeks back!
(all artwork copyright Steve Daye 2007)


Blammo said...

How did it go mighty one?


Drazen said...

watch out little butterfly! :-)
nice !
makes me want to eat a bowl of sugary cereal
and watch the show.

Laura A. Dalesandro said...

Great designs!

the doodlers said...

Awwww. So retro!

What's this about Frederator doing plug? Where can we read it?



Casey said...

Cool designs Steve :)

Blammo said...

his address for the 40 show!


paige said...

Yay! Cool designs, Steve.
Then again, I wouldn 't expect anything but the best from you anyway!

Hope all is well and that you sell the show!